Path to Success


1925        Founded in New Orleans as Doullut and Ewin, Inc.

1946        Moved to Mobile and reorganized as J.P. Ewin, Inc.

1950        Renamed Ewin Engineering Corporation

1954        Acquired by David G. Volkert, P.E.

1955        Miami, Florida office opened

1957        Washington, DC Metropolitan Area office opened

1959        New Orleans, Louisiana office opened

1963        Renamed David Volkert & Associates, Inc.

1966        Mobile headquarters moved to Moffett Road

1975        Employee Stock Ownership Plan established

1978        Birmingham, Alabama office opened

1983        T. Keith King elected President and Chief Executive Officer,
                David Volkert named Chairman of the Board

1983        Chartered engineering Explorer Post through Boy Scouts of America

1984        Volkert Construction Services, Inc. established

1985        Volkert Environmental Group, Inc. established

1985        David Volkert Engineering Scholarship Fund established

1986        Tampa, Florida office opened

1989        Fort Walton Beach, Florida office opened

1989        Adopted Forest Hill Elementary School, Mobile, as first Volkert Partner in Education

1990        Total Quality Management Training begins corporate wide

1991        Gulf Shores, Alabama office opened

1994        Chipley, Florida office opened

1996        Chattanooga, Tennessee office opened

1996        Dalton, Georgia office opened

1996        Volkert Website online

1999        Renamed Volkert & Associates, Inc.

2000        75th Anniversary

2001        David G. Volkert, P.E. - Passed Away
                Gulf Shores office moved to Foley, Alabama

2002        Pensacola, Florida office opened
                T. Keith King inducted into the State of Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame

2003        Orlando, Florida office opened
                Gainesville, Florida office opened
                Cary, North Carolina office opened
                Volkert & Associates inducted into the State of Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame

2004        Tupelo, Mississippi office opened
                Collinsville, Illinois office opened

2005        80th Anniversary
                Cary office moved to Raleigh, North Carolina
                Dalton office moved to Atlanta, Georgia

2006        New Orleans office moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana

2007        Perry A. Hand named President and Chief Marketing Officer
                Huntsville, Alabama office opened
                Jefferson City, Missouri office opened

2008        Biloxi, Mississippi office opened

2009        Renamed Volkert, Inc.

2010        85th Anniversary
                New Orleans, Louisiana office re-opened

                Columbia, South Carolina office opened

2011        Perry Hand elected President and Chief Executive Officer.
                Keith King remains Chairman of the Board.