Electrical design is a very important element of Volkertís projects.  Whether it is roadway, utilities, or airports; an electrical component will normally be found in some format.   This means that our electrical experience is as diverse as the many services that the firm provides. 

When our scope of services for a particular project includes lighting, determining the most advantageous type of lighting system is an integral portion of the design services that Volkert provides for major interstates, city streets, rural highways, intersections, and parking lots.

Some roadway projects may include a toll facility, adding yet another dimension to the electrical and lighting requirements to include area lighting around the toll booths, complex communication services between the toll booths and the administration building, closed circuit television and various toll equipment.

Lighting for both roads and bridges is surely a matter of safety, but it is also a matter of aesthetics and insuring that the project blends with the environment.  On occasion, Volkert has been called upon to provide historically appropriate lighting fixtures.    In one instance, the light fixtures used on a bridge project were chosen with certain characteristics so as not to interfere with marine life in the area.

Sports lighting systems are also included in Volkertís listing of successful projects.  Examples are the design of the lighting system for Hank Aaron Stadium in Mobile, Alabama; the home of the Mobile Bay Bears and the renovation of the electrical and lighting system for Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama.  Volkert also designed the ballfield lighting systems for the City of Robertsdale, Alabama.

Airports present a unique lighting challenge; and Volkert has successfully completed every kind of airport electrical project including runway and taxiway edge lights,  Surface Movement and Guidance Control Systems (SMGCS) used to route ground traffic during low visibility conditions, aids to navigation (NAVAIDS) such as PAPI, beacons, and wind cones; and airport lighting control systems.

Other projects such as sewage lift stations, sewage and water treatment facilities, bulk material handling facilities, building and industrial projects all include electrical components.  The electrical system may be large or small depending on the nature of the project.

Some electrical projects may require the design of emergency generator systems that will provide power for the continuation of critical services in the event of loss of commercial utility power.  Examples of such projects are the airfield lighting systems for various airports, sewage treatment and pumping stations, and medical facilities. Many of the projects also include UPS provisions to

Volkert has designed communication networks for CATV systems, Intelligent Transportation Systems, and Toll Facilities.  Volkertís communication capabilities compliment our transportation, engineering, and environmental experience and make us a uniquely well-rounded firm that can not only plan your communications system, but also design the roads, bridges, utilities and buildings that surround, serve and house it.

Grounding/lightning protection systems, fire alarm, and fire suppression systems are also included in Volkertís resume, all of which make us your source for complete engineering services.

Clearwater Pass Bridge,
Pinellas County FL

I-565, Huntsville, AL

Mobile Bay I-10 Twin Bridges, Mobile, AL