Construction Engineering and Inspection Services  

Volkert provides construction engineering and inspection (CEI) services to insure clients that their projects are built in accordance with their plans and specifications. Our larger clients, such as state departments of transportation, contract their construction engineering and inspection services in a similar manner to their design service contracts.  

Volkert provides experienced inspectors, construction engineers, and program managers for roadway and bridge projects.  These individuals are state certified in such areas as work zone safety, concrete testing, asphalt inspection, traffic control, contract plans reading, drilled shaft inspection, and pile driving.  Volkertís construction engineers participate in the constructability reviews of our design projects, providing valuable input to our roadway design engineers. 

Volkert has completed construction inspection services for roadway, bridge, building, and airport projects (including runways, taxiways, airport aprons, and airport terminal facilities), as well as numerous projects that required the inspection of dock facilities, bulkheads and piers.  Utility projects include the inspection of sewer mains, manholes, lift stations, pumping stations, sanitary sewer improvements, stormwater drainage improvements, wastewater treatment plants, and utility relocations.

Volkert completed work on a $76.6 million contract that is a part of the fourteen Group 02 D roadway and bridge projects that were awarded to us by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) in the Fall of 2001.  The 3-year contract, which began in the Fall of 2002, included major interchange improvements on I-10 at I-10 and Davis Highway and the construction of 8 bridges.  As a public service to the citizens of Florida, the FDOT, District Three, with assistance from Volkert, incorporated an Amber Alert VMS into the variable message signs (VMS) being used on I-10, I-110, and Avalon Boulevard.  Amber Alert is a national program that assists law enforcement officials in locating abducted children.  The program relies upon VMS to display important information to motorists.  The 6 signs in use on the I-10/I-110 project  are the only Amber Alert VMS in Escambia or Santa Rosa Counties, and these signs are managed by Volkert as a part of their CEI contract.

Volkert was involved in the Phase II of a very innovative and exciting project for the Alabama Department of Transportation, involving CEI services for resurfacing of the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) Test Track near Auburn, Alabama.  Volkert provided the design and CEI services for the construction of the NASCAR-type, oval track that was primarily built to test the longevity of asphalt pavements, but also tested the smoothness (what the driver feels going down the road) and safety factors of the surface such as analysis of the friction coefficients.  The project included milling, partial resurfacing, reconstruction, striping and site work.


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